Saturday, September 29, 2012

Advanced Perspective I

Aha..!  Finally, Joko's legendary Advanced Perspective class.  The class atmosphere is more easy-going than I expected.  The real challenge of this class is living up to the very high standards set by classmates in previous semesters.

 Themes: Samura, Geisha, Noah's Ark.

Heads passing horizon line.

Midsection passing horizon line.
The background here is a crop from a low res stock preview on 123RF. I like the color palette in this one, so I think I will render it out later, repainting the background from scratch and drawing the reflections appropriately in perspective.  (A previous example of reflections in actual perspective should share this reflection tag).

Figures below horizon line (two-dimensional print perspective).

Figures on and above horizon line.

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